Hello! I think a little introduction would be a nice way to begin this blog. My name is Tina, I am a wife and mom of 2 children. I am home full time and LOVE it! I have one child I have graduated from homeschool and I have one currently home with me working on her last few years of homeschool. Homeschooling has been a great joy and education for me, I am so thankful to have this opportunity. I am always happy to answer questions for people looking into homeschooling. The number one comment I get is “I would love to homeschool I just couldn’t do it”. Let me tell you  now, if you believe that, it’s not true. If you have the desire, you CAN do it. I would love to answer your questions as well as point you to resources you would find helpful to make that dream a reality.

Among my many passions, fashion mixed with modesty is way up there on the list. Since we are a one income family, I have had to learn to be creative, but I find great ways to enjoy fashion on a tight budget. It’s a joy to share this passion with my daughter and we have a great time making up cute outfits I hope to share with you. We do everything with biblical modesty in mind as well.

Food. I love food. I also have food allergies. I don’t love food allergies. My current food allergies for the last couple of years are: eggs, wheat, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and some dairy. I have healed some and have recently been adding in some dairy and turkey. I hope to be completely healed someday and eat freely and it will be with great joy!

My most recent passion for the last year has been my journey on Trim Healthy Mama. This plan of eating and healing our bodies through nutritious foods has truly changed my life. I plan to write up a complete post on my testimony soon. If Trim Healthy Mama is how you found my blog and you also deal with food allergies, please let me assure you, you CAN do this plan with your food issues. You can find healing and you can have health, physical and mental health restored to you. Yes, this plan helped me even with my mental health! I am forever thankful that G-d has blessed me with THM. I am thrilled when I have an opportunity to share and help others in their journey. Seeing others succeed is an incredible joy!

My greatest passion without question is my G-d and His word. I am an avid studier of scripture, I am a Messianic believer. I keep the biblical feasts and live a Torah observant lifestyle. I teach about biblical holidays to Christian ladies in bible studies and I have had many opportunities to teach Davidic dance, which brings me so much joy to praise with G-d through dance with others.

God has truly poured out His oil of joy upon me and in my life, I want nothing more than to let it flow to those around me and to share of His goodness and love He has shown me.

(photo credit goes to my amazing son in college who sends a picture of a flower to his girlfriend each day)