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For me, my days are so much easier and more successful on plan when I spend a little time preparing for my week. In my family both my husband and I are on Trim Healthy Mama….he’s my Trim Healthy Man. 🙂   I make his lunches every evening so he can just grab them and head out the door in the morning. I usually spend a couple of hours each Sunday afternoon getting a few things prepared to make my daily activities streamlined. I try to regularly make a veggie tray, wash, chop and store a variety of vegetables. I can then grab and bag them up for lunches, or we have a quick snack on hand. I also find we eat a lot more if they are ready to go!


Another time saver I implement is soaking and cooking beans. Here I have a bowl of chana dahl soaking to make a large batch of E soup that will serve as one dinner and several quick lunches. I also soak pintos, kidneys, black and garbanzos. I then cook the beans in my crockpot the next day, cool, package and freeze. This is also a huge money saver for us. I make our own hummus with the garbanzos and since I am in control of ingredients I can keep it low fat so it stays an E. Although for my husbands lunches I often make him a spicy tobasco crossover hummus because he is at goal and works hard! The pintos I use to make our own refried beans. I defrost them, add them to a pan with salsa and blend up with my immersion blender. Quick, easy and so economical!

I also prep Singing Canary for a few days. You can find the recipe on my Pinterest page here.

We drink this regularly and especially during the winter time to boost our immunity. Be sure to read all the incredible benefits of this super delish drink!



 Usually I will wash a head of lettuce and dry it well so it will be ready for salads on the go. I always make a batch of muffins or scones…I will post the recipe for my favorite E oat scones that are EGG, WHEAT and DAIRY FREE soon! They are a delicious treat and make oatmeal a lot more decadent along with a wonderful London Fog protein packed healing tea! I will post on that tomorrow, I think it sounds like a perfect breakfast.


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