Have you tried the Good Girl Moonshine by Trim Healthy Mama yet? It’s wonderful! Such an incredibly healthy and totally sweet tooth satisfying drink! I drink it often….for me, however, I grow bored with the same foods and drinks. I LOVE variety! I didn’t want to give up GGMS, so I decided to play with it and make a new flavor. Amazingly, this drink is quite adaptable even with such strong flavors as apple cider vinegar (ACV) and ginger….it just works! I love to drink this when I start to feel under the weather or when my stomach is upset as well,  I find it really helps me feel better! In addition, it is a great sipper for between meals.
Here is the link to the original GGMS: http://www.trimhealthymama.com/main-home/free-recipes/good-girl-moonshine-recipe/

good girl moonshine sparkling lime

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Here is my Sparkling Lime version:

To a large mason jar add 1-2 Tablespoons of ACV.

I then grate in fresh ginger. Well…actually I grate in frozen ginger. Here is a great little trick I learned a long time ago, I buy fresh ginger and keep it in my freezer, it grates easily and is always ready to be used! If I buy organic, I don’t even bother peeling it. If you prefer powdered ginger, that works too. 1 teaspoon is what I use.

Add a doonk of THM Stevia…or more, make it to your liking.

Here is where my changes come in, I add in a generous sprinkle of True Lime powder. You could also juice a small lime and add the juice of that. I like the ease of true lime.

Now fill up the that mason jar with ice. I then add Talking Rain brand of Pomegranate Lime sparkling water! Fill to the top or if you want it less bubbly, do half sparkling water and half regular water. If you can’t find that flavor of sparkling water, others will work, I have done lime or even plain. I just prefer it this way, it’s so delicious!

Printable version HERE