s breakfast

On my perpetual hunt for filling and delicious S breakfasts that are egg free as well as dairy free, I remembered I should share with you all Jennifer Griffins Warm Chia Porridge! This is such a wonderfully quick and easy breakfast, making my busy homeschool life a little easier. Today I made mine chocolatey delicious by adding in a heaping Tablespoon of cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and a doonk of stevia. If I am not making a protein side of any kind I also add a scoop of protein powder. I mix all the dry together in my bowl then add hot water. Which is wonderful, since I am also warming that hot water for my morning cup of tea.

This particular morning I added a few frozen strawberries I warmed in the microwave, smashed and poured on top. I rounded this out with some chicken breakfast sausages I made up on Monday morning. Fun tip, make the whole package and be ready for the week! Then I only have to wash the pan once! My mason jar is filled with my yummy London Fog healing tea. This fabulous breakfast is a wonderful satisfying S meal, loaded with protein and healing foods.

With joy~ Tina