meal planning

Every blogger has a post on meal planning, I figured I would share what I have found helpful on my Trim Healthy Mama Journey while dealing with allergies.

Usually, I don’t really plan much more than what dinners we will have each week. That helps me with grocery shopping and our budget. For lunches, I usually eat leftovers from dinner the day before. It again saves money, as well as time.

Breakfast is tough. Without eggs, it is just hard. I have many days where I am wandering my kitchen whining away first thing in the morning angrily pulling a pot out and cooking oatmeal. Again.
I decided two weeks ago to try planning a bit more. Just to see what would happen. It’s how I started the plan…why not go back to the beginning again?

Turns out, I like it! I like the ease of knowing what to eat, that I always have the food on hand and I am wasting less. I used this planner:
You can type right into it online!! I think that is SO COOL! I can edit it on my computer, print it out ready to go. As I plan, I also keep a paper nearby and I make my grocery shopping list.
Now I figured I would share with you my meals and snacks from the last two weeks! I know sometimes that is very helpful. I am egg free, peanut, almond and sunflower seed free. I don’t eat turkey much, I keep dairy low (and only have a few options).
Here are my breakfasts I have had for two weeks, many are repeated so I only list once:

Now for Lunches!

  • Chana Dahl (E)- delicious and inexpensive meal, I always make plenty at dinner to have leftovers for quick lunches
  • Better than Campbells Tomato soup.(FP) I use coconut milk in place of the cream called for. Works great and tastes delicious. A friend of mine added basil leaves, it was fabulous. If I have it on hand I will add a sprinkle of goat gouda or cheddar. Flax crackers made into bread makes a great side with this soup.
  • Giant salad! I buy or purchase pre washed salad greens so I have salad in seconds. I top with whatever veggies are in my crisper. I also will keep either lean deli meat or will boil up a couple Hebrew National hot dogs on the side. EVOO and balsamic round this out nicely.
  • My other go to lunch is a salmon patty or a chicken breast patty. I find them frozen unbreaded and they make a wonderful quick lunch. I also keep a container of chopped cabbage in my fridge. A quick sautee and I have lunch. I can also have these protein sources over salad if I like.


  • Chana Dahl (E), crockpot in the morning, dinner is ready to go by evening! I use the recipe in the book. Always makes plenty!
  • Chorizo Chicken bake (S), this was just so so. If you really think you want to try it…I’ll post the link. But I can not endorse it as a great dish.
  • Meatballs (S) – oh my goodness. Love meatballs. Im using this recipe:
    I am changing it up by adding in chicken Italian sausage, omitting the eggs all together subbing oats for the flour and using sheeps milk parmesan on top. You could omit all together. We will have this over spaghetti squash. I have yet to try’s coming up this week!
  • Burritos (E)- open a can of vegetarian refried beans, I add garlic powder, salsa and a little on plan milk to thin them out. I made these tortillas, which I plan to blog about soon, but my first batch weren’t too pretty to look at.
    The whole family LOVED these! For the burritos I then load them up with beans and lettuce, tomatoes and the family adds in cheese and avocado. You could also add shredded chicken breast which I also frequently do as well.
  • Chicken Taco Soup (FP) – this was yummy! I added chicken breast to make it FP, it was great. The family could add corn chips, you could also add baked blue corn for an E or if you can do dairy, sour cream, cheese and avocados for an S.
  • Chicken Fajitas (FP). These are FP if you watch the oil portion when making it. Or add corn tortillas for an E or add cheese, olives, avocado for an S. This is on the menu tonight! I like to make a simple brown Spanish rice.
  • Falafel waffles! (E) Im using this recipe for the falafels, subbing ground oats for the bread crumbs.     Our plan is to make them in the waffle maker, just for fun! Big salad and BBQ some chicken breasts to go with this. I’m excited to try it, I LOVE falafel!
  • Cabbage patch soup, (S) quick, inexpensive, plenty of leftovers and the whole family loves it! Sub on plan sweetener and that’s it!
  • This is one of my new favorites: Sweet and Sour Chicken! (E)SO SO SO EASY! Quinoa or brown rice to go with it and you will be throwing elbows to save some for leftovers to have for lunch!
  • Last on my menu plan this week is hamburgers! (S) I love mine in a lettuce wrap, I make a large batch of non starchy veggies, usually broccoli or cauli or a mix of both. Top with butter, or if you can have cheese that’s always delicious.

Desserts – my favorite meal of the day!!

  • Chocolate chip cookie bars (S) – I make them egg free…and they are amazing. I have not yet written the post…but I will get on it very soon, I PROMISE! This makes a big 9×13 pan, so we have these for dessert several nights in a row.
  • Strawberry Shortcake – this is an E – so be sure to have the 3 hour separation from dinner unless you have had a FP dinner.
  • Skinny chocolate and oven roasted cashews. Just a handful with a cup of tea, yummy and decadent. (S)
  • Texas sheetcake. (S) So delicious. I use her grain free option in this recipe:
    The applesauce does up the carbs, you can use coconut cream to keep it an S. I do not make the frosting option, it’s too thick with the coconut flour. I make a slim belly jelly and drizzle on top. YUM!!

I certainly hope you find this list helpful, more than that inspirational. You can also plan out meals and snacks, helping you to stay on plan. I would also like to encourage you, no matter the food allergy you are dealing with, you can make Trim Healthy Mama work for you.

With Joy ~ Tina