moments of joy

Friday in our home is a busy day. Our family observes the seventh day Sabbath, Shabbat. Our Fridays are spent preparing our home and hearts for a day of rest, a time spent as a family and with God. I love Shabbat, I love a day off! I love the busy-ness of Friday, knowing that my busy-ness will end for 24 hours and I get a true break and a rest from my daily activities and the burdens I have been carrying throughout the week.

This morning as I was reading my daily passage of the Torah portion, I started in Leviticus, chapter 23, verse 24:
Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘In the seventh month on the first of the month you shall have a rest, a reminder by blowing of trumpets, a holy convocation.

This is specifically speaking about the festival of Trumpets…but something jumped out at me today. The phrase “you shall have a rest, a reminder”.

These seasons of reminders are times when we remember God’s power, His deliverance, His miracles, His care, His love for us. He joins these seasons of remembering with the command to rest, something He asks us to do for the weekly Sabbath. While we rest, we are able to reflect and remember all He has done in our lives. Another beautiful concept, that I want to work more on, is when I rest from laboring, trying to manage all the details of my life, that gives God time to work. I am out of the way as I rest in Him, He is able to have space to work. All too often, I work so hard to make things go as I would have them be, forgetting to allow God space, time and plenty of room in my life to work His will.

Remember and Rest.

What an amazing God I serve, He asks me to remember and rest.

I think I will get started on that rest now. Shabbat shalom.

With joy ~ Tina