lemon poppyseed breakfast cookies
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Carolyn over at All Day I Dream About Food comes up with the most incredible and delicious recipes! Sadly for me, most of the recipes have eggs or dairy that I cannot tolerate. Yet, I want the yummy delicious looking treats I see scroll on my screen nearly daily!

I had this idea, I don’t always need to reinvent the wheel right? I have become pretty good at playing with recipes and creating something that works for me and my allergy issues. I decided that once in a while I would take a delicious looking recipe and share my allergy friendly tweaks so you could enjoy it too!!

To begin with, here is her original recipe, I will only add my changes in this blog post, so please be sure to click on over and show her some love!!


I would like to note, my cookies came out a little darker because I used some hazelnut meal in them. If you used all cashew flour, they would be lighter in color and prettier.
*For the almond flour I subbed 1/2 cup cashew and 1/2 cup hazelnut flour
*Instead of cream cheese I used goat cheese, the kind that comes from Costco in a log.
Little tip, I pop the whole log in the mixer with a little on plan milk and whisk it up until its creamy like cream cheese! I would guess that an equal amount of coconut cream could also be subbed to make these dairy free!
*I subbed in 1/4 cup Super Sweet
*For the egg I used 1 heaping teaspoon beef gelatin mixed with 3 Tablespoons cold water, let gel.

I also baked mine about 5 minutes longer than called for. These are delicious!

I hope you can now enjoy this breakfast cookie too!

With Joy ~ Tina