hospital food

Sadly, last week my mom got very sick and had to go into the hospital. She had a major infection and was in need of a lot of care. Thankfully, I can say she is improving each day and we are hopeful she may be out of the hospital either later this week or early next week. I am so thankful for that as well as the love and care and the many prayers people have offered. Truly feeling blessed.

As you can see by the picture above, I am sharing with you the foods offered at the hospital where my mom is staying. They list both the sodium and the carb count of foods next to them. My mom is a diabetic as well, so she was having serious issue with her blood sugar being too high. My mom was eating the hospital approved, diabetic nutritionist approved diet plan. Her numbers were still way too high. About her third day in the hospital she asked me to help her implement THM again. I took her menu and put a star by everything she could have on plan. I also brought in drinks for her, Vitamin Water Zeros, Zevias, Kombucha and protein shakes. She was drinking the hospital approved light lemonade, after I did a little research I realized the “light” drink was made with high fructose corn syrup! We couldn’t believe it! Hence, my purchase and bringing in her own drinks. She didn’t need any of that!

Within 24 hours of implementing THM foods as best as she could with the options available, her numbers dropped 100 points! We were all thrilled! Including her doctor who told her to keep on doing whatever it was I told her to do because it was working so well!! Talk about a great testimony! My mom is now convinced I need to have a meeting with the hospital nutrition department so they can be educated properly!! LOL! I just LOVED that!!

So, with all that said, if you need to be in the hospital or you have a loved one needing care, there are ways to support them with good food choices during the stay. I found the lowest carb food options I could find, as well as whole grain and fruit options, asked for sandwich fillings such as the turkey, tuna etc in a bowl instead of on bread. They did have a brown rice option, lean protein options such as salmon and chicken breast. Vegetables were all steamed with no added fat so they could be added to any fuel type, although I have not been as concerned that she is not having crossovers, but rather eating the best foods she is able to during this season.

By purchasing her own drinks, bringing in protein drinks and I also left her a couple of Quest protein bars, she has snack options that are on plan and aiding in her healing.

We also brought in her vitamins, fish oils and probiotics. All I had to do was talk to the doctor and he will write an official prescription for them and she will now be able to receive these added nutrients daily until she is released.

As for what I ate, I just did my best to plan ahead. Thankfully I had rolls on hand and was able to make quick sandwiches to take, light string cheese, cashews. I also had baked oatmeal bars and made sure to make up GGMS or singing canary to take with me each day. I just brought my little lunch bag and was able to stay on plan each day and keep my own health up to more fully support my mom!

I’m always so thankful for THM and the knowledge I have gained through implementing the plan in my own life and helping others on plan as well. I was prepared to help my mom through this medical crises in my own way, through supporting her body and healing through nutrition. I love my mom. 🙂

With Joy ~ Tina