Once upon a time a homeschool mom of two prayed and asked God to plan a career for her in the future, something where she could still be in charge of her daily schedule and preferably be her own boss. She also asked Him to be in ministry as well as be involved in something where God could still be an active part of her work. This homeschool mom had a lot of requests, but she asked her loving Abba in heaven and would remind Him now and then as the years went by.

Then one summer day this homeschool mom and her husband decided to attend a local conference and had the fun idea of hosting a Trim Healthy Mama table in the marketplace. It will be fun she thought! I could meet lots of folks and share this incredible plan with other ladies searching for food freedom and joy in eating guilt free!

So, she wrote an email to Trim Healthy Mama asking for their help to sell product at the conference. They wrote back and to her surprise they asked her if she was interested in becoming a retail outlet! WHAT?? She thought….open a store? Is that possible?

She prayed, a lot. She thought about her grown son who was now in college and the one year of homeschool left with her daughter. The timing felt right! She decided that this was a gift from her Abba and signed the contract and mailed it back. A new adventure has begun!! 🙂





Welcome to my Oil of Joy Trim Healthy Mama Store!!
I am so excited you guys! Truly, I never would have thought this would be a possibility for me! It was never even an inkling or hope! I have been so blessed by THM, I can whole heartedly stand behind THM, the book, the principals, the foods, everything! There are very few companies I think I could truly say that about!

My hope and prayer is to someday attend ladies meetings where I can share about the basics of THM, encourage and help people implement the plan. Share recipes and have shared meals. I have all kinds of ideas and I truly do hope God blesses this adventure and it will be a business I can help support my family with at some level as well. I really do feel so very blessed!