Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

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Hello ladies!
Here we go, this is our meal plan for this week.

How are you all doing with meal planning? I truly am so much more successful when I have a plan, get groceries and prep!

I’ve not been feeling my best for a few weeks now, which also doesn’t help me stick to plan, however, I am so thankful and praising God that I seem to be on the upswing now and improving! Now I just have to remember to not overeat!

My husband has also been doing a cleanse for a few days now and will wrap that up on Tuesday, so it has made cooking for all of us a bit crazy! Looking forward to getting back to routine!

Here is what’s to eat this week, I hope this helps you or give you inspiration!!

Crepes (New recipe, I’ve made it once, will make it this week twice and then post!)X2
Scones with BP Tea, I will have this twice this week
Baked Oatmeal, I will have this twice and probably for snacks too
Yogurt with berries, hemp seeds and THM Stevia


Leftover Cabbage Patch Soup  (I use this recipe, on plan sweetener and extra lean ground beef that I rinse well and call this an E)
Sandwiches on Just Like Grandmas Rolls with lean deli meat, Earth Milk (pg 402) (twice)
Sweet and Savory Sesame Noodles (twice)
Leftover Chili (twice)

My fast food: I boil cauliflower, all beef organic hot dogs together, then place in a bowl with cheese and a decorative squirt of mustard
Roast in the crockpot with salad
Cabb & Saus Skillet (pg 58), cauli rice (I buy it at Trader Joes)
Wicked White Chili (pg37) with side salad
Sloppy Joes on Sweet Potatoes with side salad
Golden Chana Soup (pg 99) with side salad
Tuna Melts on Just Like Grandmas Rolls side of roasted broccoli

Earth Milk (pg 402)
Dark Chocolate….yum 🙂
Big Boy Smoothies

 Trim Healthy Mama Store

With Joy~ Tina 🙂