Oil of Joy

Weekly Meal Plan

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My weekly meal plan! There are times when I find myself so far from where I started I need to take a walk back in time, revisit the place where I started. So, I am shaking things up!! I am returning to some simplicity in the plan. I easily get caught up in all the fun and specialty things, that I forget the delicious simplicity of some of the basics of the plan.

This week is weigh in week as well for the Accountability Group – so I am also giving myself a little boost with some of the foods that originally helped me reach my goal weight!

As always, my meal plan is egg, almond, peanut, sunflower seed and wheat free. I truly hope you find this helpful to your journey!


Chicken breakfast sausage scramble with non starchy veggies, with Trimmy (3 times)
Oat Pancakes, slim belly jelly, FP Trimmy (2 times)
FSF or Big Boy Smoothie (2 times)


Large green salad with tuna (or other meat) EVOO/ACV dressing, skinny chocolate (3 times)
Loaded Fotato Soup with smoked salmon (twice)
Brown Rice cakes with lean deli meat, pickles, mustard, baby frap (twice)


Chicken Pizza with side salad, EVOO/ACV dressing
Taco Salad
Chicken in crockpot with broccoli and cauliflower
Salmon over a bed of greens
Cowboy Grub with peas & carrots on the side
Chicken Fajitas bowl over spanish cauli rice
Chana Dahl soup in the crockpot and side salads


I am trying to go a little lighter here, I enjoy those lovely fats, but trying to boost things a little with lighter foods closer to bedtime

Cookie Bowl Oatmeal with berries (twice)
Skinny Chocolate (twice)
Hot Cocoa trimmy with cinnamon “toast” (twice)
I have one night undecided…..

What do you all use for salad dressings? I almost never buy a premade dressing, between food sensitivities and on plan ingredients, I find myself struggling. I think this looks like a great gadget to help me make more dressings! Do you have anything like this? Do you like it?


I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

With Joy ~ Tina 🙂