bam donuts


What’s a mama to do when she is craving donuts with her morning tea?

I loved donuts before THM, and since THM, being egg free, I was really missing them.

I kept thinking how lovely it would be to sit and sip my tea with a delicious donut.

IDEA!! Make the Bust a Myth (BAM) cake (page 298 of the Cookbook) using my allergy friendly tweaks and pour it in my donut pan!!! Bake at same temperature, fora bout 20 minutes!  Serious moment of genius creativity!

I did add some cinnamon, a teaspoon because I love cinnamon.

I also ground up some Super Sweet Blend and made powdered sugar and lovingly dusted the tops of my donuts with the sugar and then a sprinkle of cinnamon.


bam donuts 2


Truthfully, they would be great just out of the oven, warm and soft. They don’t need anything extra. 

However, that little sprinkle of sweetness just made my heart happy. 🙂


These will be made often and enjoyed frequently. Thank you THM for making donuts possible in my life while I am still working toward my weight loss goals.

With Joy & Donuts ~ Tina

If you are looking for a good donut pan, I bought two of these, which the recipe made a perfect dozen in them:





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