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I haven’t posted about my Facebook THM Accountability Group in a while, in summary, it is a group of THM ladies working the plan together, we have weekly challenges, and daily check ins to help encourage one another to stay on plan and make the plan a little more interesting and fun. 

This weeks challenge was so unique I thought I would share it over here on the blog for everyone who is not in the group. 
Last week as I was driving along and listening to the radio the DJs were talking about a recent study about how often men vs women look at themselves in the mirror.

To my surprise they said men look at themselves more often than women do each day! I seriously thought it would be women who look at themselves more, this was quite a surprise to me!

Not only that, but when men looked at themselves they did so in admiration for different features! They were thinking how good they look!!

Where as women, who looked less frequently at themselves, when they did look in the mirror were focused on the attributes about themselves they didn’t admire or thought negatively about! 
I seriously thought how sad that is. How defeating for us to leave our last impression in our mind and our heart of ourselves before we walk out the door in to our lives to be negative. We need to stop that. We don’t need to become self centered or conceited either, but I do believe we can admire some aspects of us that were beautifully and wonderfully created. We all have some!

So, my challenge to you, my beautiful friends, when you’re getting ready each day or anytime you stop to check your hair or lipstick in a mirror, I want you to find 3 things you think are beautiful about yourself and say it. For instances, “I have beautiful eyes” or “my smile is lovely”, it can even be “I’m so talented or creative”. Get the idea?

I know for me I all too often have pretty horrible things to say about myself and my body. I need to change that and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. You and I were created uniquely beautiful! Let’s find those beautiful things about ourselves this week and start a new habit!!

I hope you will join me for this weeks challenge, and hopefully not just for a week, but let’s make this a lifetime change. Let’s love us so we can better love others!

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” <3

With Joy ~ Tina 

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