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French toast? Isn’t that always filled with eggy goodness that many of us cannot have? What about the toast part? Usually filled with wheat right? Talk about a collision of fuels as well, fat, sugar etc! 

NOT SO with my version! To make mine truly egg free, yet have that wonderful mouth feel of french toast I used a new product by Follow Your Heart called VeganEgg – which is good for use on THM!(Product review coming soon!)

I started this recipe off using my egg free version of the Bust-A-Myth cake from the Cookbook. (If you don’t own the cookbook and are on THM, I highly recommend it!)

As you can see I took one serving of the cake (I cut mine into sixths) and sliced it in half like this:

bam cut

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bam sliced

I then whisked together the wet ingredients for dipping.
wetSoaked the “toast”


Then fry it up in a pan! Please see recipe specifics below!

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french cover

French Toast - Egg Free!

Tina Roberts - Oil of Joy
A delicious egg free French Toast creation
Servings 1


  • One batch BAM cake using my adaptation for egg free version
  • Vegan Egg - link can be found on my blog
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Stevia


  • Slice one serving of BAM cake in half
  • Combine vegan egg, water, cinnamon, vanilla and stevia.
  • Mix well
  • Dip slices of cake in mixture
  • Spray a preheated non stick pan with coconut oil cooking spray
  • Fry french toast slices, turning once until lightly browned on each side.
  • Enjoy!


I made the pancake syrup from the cookbook to enjoy with these. Slim belly jelly would be another great addition as well as a lean breakfast meat or FP trimmy with protein powder to round out the meal for a delicious E.
***Please IGNORE the nutritional information. I am working to edit that out, it is not accurate.