I have been making these pancakes for a very long time! I have no idea why it never occurred to me sooner to post this for you all who are looking for an alternative to my yummy E pancakes! What are you supposed to do with that amazing pancake “syrup” hack I came up with? Well, here is your answer!! Drizzle all that  buttery deliciousness over these babies!!

Since it has been an unusual season at our home, my husband is on strike, I have been eating these a little more often, I love pancakes, they are for sure a comfort food for me. Entering in to week 2 of the strike, I am trying hard to stay on plan and not be worried about what I know God can handle. I am still feeling a bit of stress and I am so thankful and feel so good eating my favorite foods without the horrible affects of all that sugar and blood sugar surges! Here is a shot of my daughter and her daddy heading out to go on the picket line together. Talk about a homeschool experience!

on strike

I originally found this recipe on Chocolate Covered Katies website. These are her amazing Blueberry Pie pancakes, she’s a genius. These are originally made with gluten-y flour, which I don’t eat, and I really wanted an S pancake….so I played with this and came up with a very successful and delicious S! Egg free, wheat free, dairy free!! YAY!!

You can find her original recipe here:

Chocolate Covered Katies Blueberry Pie Pancakes


You will need her original recipe to make these, and now I will tell you my changes so you can make them THM friendly!

I use the same amount of berries, the ones pictured is a mix of blue, black and raspberries. 
In place of the flour I used RunAmok Mamas Baking Blend, of course  if you can use THM Baking Blend, that works as well. For the oats called for, it is such a small amount you could use it, but I sub it with baking blend to keep it safely an S pancake. (So that would mean 1/3 cup plus 2T baking blend or omit if you find that 1/3 cup alone is enough, it absorbs quite a bit.)

Cinnamon, vanilla, salt and baking powder, on plan milk of choice are all the same as her original recipe. 

I used 2 teaspoons of Super Sweet Blend in place of the sweetener she calls for. 

I did not add any oil, I saved the fat for my amazing and delicious Instant Pancake “Syrup” recipe

I combine all the dry, I then add my frozen berries and coat them in the dry mixture. Last I add the milk. Mix well. I scoop them out and place them in a coconut oil sprayed very warm frying pan. I spray the back of my spatula with oil as well and then I am able to flatten them out without them sticking. 
Cook until golden, flip and they are done when the other side is also golden. 

Thank you Chocolate Covered Katie for a wonderful inspiration! 

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