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I love apple spice cake! I love apple baked goods of all kinds!
For years I wanted an apple tree in our yard. We have dogwoods, cottonwoods a lovely blossoming cherry tree and a few others I am unsure about, but I really wanted an apple tree. My husband and I were out at our local hardware store and came across this beautiful little tree! It was a dwarf tree that had been grafted with 3 kinds of apples! What an amazing tree! We would have apples for several weeks over the summer and a variety of kinds! I was thrilled! We planted that beautiful tree in the sunniest spot in our yard, right in front of our home. It is beautiful! Little yet prolific! I feel so blessed when we walk out our front door and are able to bring in a bounty from our little tree. God’s gift to us!

apple tree

                                                                                                     This years harvest!

Our apple tree is going crazy right now!! We have so many apples I have been making all kinds of good things! 
If you love apples, be watching in the next few weeks for my creations!

Don’t forget to stock up on your oat flour to make this and the original versions of BAM cake! It makes an incredibly delicious and easy breakfast!


To start I wanted to share this beautiful and oh so simple apple spice cake. In all reality, this isn’t even my recipe! This is a tweak of the BAM cake from the cookbook! So, to find my original changes to make this recipe egg and dairy free click here: Oil of Joy’s BAM cake revision.

To make this cake pictured, it is so simple!
2-3 apples peeled, sliced or diced! 
1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon (how much spice do you like? I like a lot!)

Omit the banana from the original recipe, add in the apples and cinnamon! That’s it! Super simple and easy change!
Thank you to my friend Chloe who came up with this idea first, inspiring me to write it up for the blog and share with all of you! You can find more about my friend Chloe and her doula services here: Gentle Harmony Birth Support. Go ahead and stop by her page!



Stay tuned friends! I have more apple recipes coming out each week! My goal is to have a new recipe up to share with you each week in addition to my Tina’s Taco Tuesday Celebration Posts! Leave my some love! Let me know what you are enjoying from the blog these days! 

With Joy ~ Tina 🙂

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