Tina's Taco Tuesday Celebration


Welcome to my little Fiesta! Another fun installment of Tina’s Taco Tuesday Celebration! I bring you my favorite recipes, share delicious looking finds from my amazing blogger friends and share funny and sometimes practical finds that keep with my theme of delicious Mexican food!

I found this great Taco Boardgame, WHAAAAT??!! Lol, I had to add it to my list of items to highlight on Tina’s Taco Tuesday Celebration! We love games in our  house, this will definitely be on my wish list! Anyone have this and tried it before? It has FIVE STARS! 



Have you all had a chance to check out Working at Homeschool’s blog yet? She has some great stuff to help keep you on plan and enjoying new foods! Doesn’t this Black Bean Chicken Salad look amazing?



I think salsa is always a good thing to have on hand as well. We eat it daily around this casa! Nana’s Little Kitchen has this superb looking creation that appears to be a quick fix as well! I love homemade salsa…pretty soon I will share my recipe! But not today! You will have to check back on future installments to see that one! It’s delish!
Nanas Little Kitchen Fresh Salsa


My story continued from last week…..so I mentioned that my father is from Mexico and my mother from here. I didn’t know much about my heritage and was always curious. I knew I had family in Mexico while I was growing up and for several years of my childhood we would take a family vacation to southern California to visit my dads brother and sisters, as well as some cousins and one time I was able to meet a sister who was visiting from his hometown in Mexico, that was thrilling except we couldn’t communicate. She only spoke Spanish and I only spoke English. I was so interested in this side of my family! I had one dear Tia (aunt), Graciella, my tia Grace. <3 I loved her a lot. She was so sweet to me, I only saw her once a year, but she always made me feel like family and warmly welcomed me in to her home. She had a lovely thick accent and a beautiful smile. Sadly, she has passed away, but she will always hold a very special place in my heart. More next time….

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