Tina's Taco Tuesday Celebration

Welcome to my August 21, 2016 edition of Tina’s Taco Tuesday Celebration!
If for some reason you missed last weeks installment, you can find it here! 


Tina’s Taco Tuesday Celebration is a fun post I write up weekly highlighting new recipes I have created that celebrate one of my favorite cuisines, Mexican! I also love to highlight and share wonderful creations by my fellow bloggers!
This week I will be featuring 3 new recipes from my fellow bloggers, I have the joy of working with some really creative ladies!

I also always share some fun shopping finds from Amazon! There are so many fun taco (or Mexican inspired) fun things I love to share with all of you in case you have a taco lover in your life too and would like to bless them with a fun gift!

loving tex mex skillet

Darcie’s Dishes is my first featured recipe this week with her Lovin’ Tex Mex skillet! This just looks so easy and absolutely delicious!! Let me know your thoughts if you try it!

                                        You know you’ve been wanting to share your love of tacos with a taco phone case!


Mrs. Criddles Kitchen has a delicious E  Taco salad for us this week!! What is better than a crunchy delicious salad during the heat wave so many are experiencing right now? I know my family LOVES taco salad, I have my recipe here, but I want to try hers too!

                                                                                  Haha!! A Taco Tuesday Tshirt!! 



My last featured recipe for today is Nana’s Little Kitchens Chili Con Carne! I wanted to be sure you had an S option too!

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Continued from last week…Two years ago I was surfing on Facebook and found an aunt of mine who I had known growing up but lost touch with when I was around 13 years old. My mom had said she had been in touch with her recently and I thought I would see if I could find her on facebook. I found her! I was so excited. I sent her a friend request and she accepted! She lives in the US and I used to visit her every summer for several years. I am honestly not sure why we stopped going to visit them each summer, but we did and by then I was a teen and on to teen life. Now many years later I am finally back in touch! The story just continues to improve!

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With Joy ~ Tina 🙂