My favorite E meals


I love helping women implement the Trim Healthy Mama plan! It really is a joy, especially when I get to help another allergy mama like myself. I know how challenging this plan can be for many and then add in food sensitivities, and it can feel overwhelming!!

For this post, you will definitely need the cookbook, if you don’t have it, BUY IT!! I have bought MANY cookbooks over the years, and with the advantage of free recipes on the internet, I used to feel why bother!? However, I have to say, this is truly one cookbook absolutely worth buying!! I use it everyday! You can see the love on the cover of my peeling book! It’s filled with splatters and a few pages are starting to loosen….I may have to go and have it spiral bound soon. I don’t know how I feel about parting with it even for a few hours! 

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Often ladies who cannot have dairy, eggs and wheat struggle with E meals. I thought it may be helpful to share my favorite E meals from the cookbook!

Wicked White Chili *Page 37* just omit the sour cream
Wipe Your Mouth BBQ *Page 43* Serve over baked sweet potatoes
Cowboy Grub *Page 59* If I was giving stars this one would be FIVE!!
Sweet Potato Oat Soup * Page 103* A family favorite!
Berry Creamy Grains *Page 252* I’d cut the liquid back or you have blueberry soup lol, I sub collagen for whey
Granola Recipes *Page 255* Nice to have on hand!
Chocolate Banana Muffins *Page 283* You can find my version  in my Allergy Friendly Cookbook Tips Post
Bust-A-Myth Cake *Page 298* You can find my version in my Allergy Friendly Cookbook Tips Post 
Apple Crumble *Page 338* Delicious!!
Orange Creamsicle Shake *Page 409* You can find my version in my Allergy Friendly Cookbook Tips Post 
Strawberry Big Boy *Page 415* I use E fruit such as peach, nectarine, cantaloupe to make it an E

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I often see ladies struggling with how to replace bread on the plan without using wheat. For me my go to items are:
*Corn Tortillas – 2 regular 4 sprouted in an E setting
*Brown rice cakes – 2 regular or 4 thins in an E setting
*Lettuce wraps
*Just like grandmas rolls – 2 an be used in an E setting
*Oat Pancakes make great bread in an E setting, omit sweetener!
*Unbelievable Bread – This bread is so yummy! 
*Orgran Buckwheat Crisp Bread – like Wasa for allergy mamas!


I hope you have found this post helpful! Please comment below and let me know if this has been helpful and if you have ideas for more posts like this in the future! 

Trim healthy mama is doable, no matter your food sensitivities. It is such a smart and healthy way to nourish your body and best of all it is a lot of delicious fun!

With Joy ~ Tina 

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