Gunner Photo credit Atira Celeste Photography

I have been pretty quiet lately, it’s been over a month since my last post. Life has been pretty busy and to be honest, kind of sad for my family. 

Pictured above is our family dog Gunner. Beautiful black lab, with a stubborn streak and lived his life as a perpetual puppy. 🙂


Shaggy <3

Let me back up a little. About a week before this photo was taken, we had to take our most amazing black cat, Shaggy, in to the vet. We thought he had a wound in his mouth, he’s an indoor/outdoor cat and has had several injuries throughout his 7 years. He’s a hunter…he’s pretty fierce. To our total shock, he was diagnosed with jaw cancer and was given 1-3 months to live. Fast forward 5 days and our beautiful black lab Gunner started to decline rapidly. He was about 11 years old. By the time Monday morning rolled around he was unable to walk. So within a weeks time we lost one family pet and were told we were looking at the soon loss of a second. 🙁
It was a really hard week. 

I was overwhelmed. Food blogging just wasn’t a priority for a while. Helping my family through the shock of these losses became priority, mourning the loss of our pup and trying to figure out a new normal knowing our sweet cat is passing has occupied a lot of my time. Spoiling him with tuna fish and lavishing him with love became my go to activity during the day. So far, he is still doing pretty good, I am thankful for each day we get to share with this cat full of personality. He has been a blessing to our family. 

We also have a yellow lab, Kayli. She thank the Lord, is doing fine. She does seem a little lost since Gunner is gone now. <3

God has a funny way of working things in life. Back in late August, early September, my daughter, who works in a pet shop, started asking (begging) for a kitten. I was firmly planted in camp  NO WAY. No. I don’t want another pet. No, I don’t want another cat. No, I don’t want the worry and expense etc etc etc. Guess what?!?! SHE GOT A KITTEN!

Now, what ended up happening was, I said I was hands off. My husband felt it was fine for her to get the kitten, she would be buying it with her money, insuring her and it would be her full responsibility to care for the kitten. (yeah…all parents know how this kind goes right?)  So, we have a new kitten, her name is officially Patches. I lovingly call her Booger, because she is kinda naughty. I soon realized that Patches was given to us to help us heal through this really hard time. When I am grieving I can wrap up this precious little kitten and love on her through my tears. I was so against getting her and now I am so very thankful. I truly feel God provided this precious furball at such a perfect time for our family. I am very thankful. INTRODUCING!!!!!  Patches AKA Booger:

BoogerACK!! Isn’t she so stinking cute?!! She just brings us tons of joy and a wee bit of exasperation! Look at that face!!!! 

In addition to the above I need to get some work done on this blog….but I have stuff to learn. I am going to work on cleaning a few things up and adding a few features. Hopefully I can learn it soon!! I find it feels just about impossible to learn the things I need to bring my blog up where it needs to be and grieve my pets and manage life. BUT I am here and letting you know, I am not gone, just taking a little break. I am hoping to come out with some new recipes soon. Thank you for your patience and continued visits. <3

Thanks for reading, thanks for any prayers and words of encouragement. It’s a bit of a tough season, but I know God is good and walking with us during this sad season. Don’t we just love our furry family members so much? They are a blessing. <3

With joy…and sadness…