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Each month I help to facilitate a Trim Healthy Mama meeting at one of our local coffee shops. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement, it really helps me keep focused on plan and overcome obstacles. I really enjoy my monthly meetings! 

I try to come up with a topic each month to discuss. This month was Summer Time on THM! I thought it would be helpful to share ideas for easy summer time meals, snacks and desserts. I thought I would share the notes of this months meetings with you my readers! I hope you find this helpful to your THM journey as well! 

Summer time cooking! We have had a few hot days around here in the last couple of weeks and I was not prepared with easy, no cook or minimal cook ideas. It was time to get inspired!
This amazing group of ladies shared these ideas for meals and snacks:

Mrs. Criddle’s Taco Salad Crunch

Paleo Cauliflower Nachos

Oil of Joy’s Taco Salad S, E or FP!

Chicken TropKabobs

Blackened Chicken Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

We of course talked about salads, both main meal salads such as the ones linked above as well as side salads, such as cucumber/tomato salads, cucumber salads or broccoli salad. The cookbook coleslaw is a great easy salad to make up in advance for a quick meal in the evening or even leftover for lunch! These would all make great side dishes with a BBQ’d meat main dish. Keep the cooking outside!

For an E dish, make up the quinoa salad in the cookbook and add in grilled chicken breast or salmon fillet! Of course a fruit salad with berries and a few glycemic fruits would be a wonderful side dish as well! Don’t forget to round out that meal with plenty of leafy greens! 

Overnight oats
Frappas or Smoothies
BAM Cake, make it up in the morning, and enjoy it several days in the week!
Choco Banana Muffins, also save great and make a quick breakfast!

Dessert ideas we came up with:
Big Boy Smoothie
Fat Stripping Frappa
No Bake Cookies
Collagen Berry Whip
Skinny Chocolate

What about if you need to take a road trip?

-Chicken Salad
-Brown Rice Cake sandwiches
-Baby bell peppers stuffed with tuna fish
-BAM cake
-celery sticks
-Cucumber slices
-Chicken drumsticks

Oh goodness! I nearly forgot! Stay hydrated ladies!
Drink up your GGMS – there is an incredible variety of flavors! This orange cream soda by Nana’s Little Kitchen is one of my favorites! Sparkling waters with ice, iced tea sweetened with liquid stevia and of course Zevia! Enjoy plenty of liquids, stay hydrated and healthy! 

Check out this link for my local group to our Pinterest summer meal idea page!

What are some of your favorite hot weather THM foods? There are many great ideas to help keep us on plan while not heating up the whole house!

With Joy ~ Tina 🙂