self care


Self care has always been an idea I thought I understood, but recently learned I was greatly lacking in my implementation of true self care. 

When asked what I did for self care I responded with answers such as:
*I teach a teen bible study
*I teach worship dance classes
*I lead recovery group meetings
*I helped my friend with some projects

and a few that were right one

*tea with friends
*reading a good book

None of these qualified for actual self care! What I thought was self care, was really me giving, which is not a bad, thing, but I was not taking care of me either. I was always pouring out…..which we all know there is a limit to how much we can give without taking some time to receive.

I found this wonderful quote that really helped me gain a better understanding of self care:

“Any activity that calms the mind and nurtures the body is a form of self care”

While this quote was really helpful, I was still stumped as to what exactly self care was. I was thinking things like going to the spa, having a pedicure, a facial etc. I don’t have the money for that all the time!! I needed practical ideas I could put into practice on a regular basis! 

Before I jump into my ideas for self care that work for me, I would like to share things I have learned about myself while discovering how important self care is and why I am writing this post to my THM ladies. 


I struggle quite a bit with snacking, mostly at night. Do you struggle with that too? That sometimes overwhelming desire to eat something off plan at the end of the day?
 It seems that when the house gets quiet, my family is in bed and I am finally having a few moments to myself I want to eat. I want to eat all kinds of things and too much of it. THM has really helped me here since I can have wonderful on plan things….but some nights I want off plan things….

I never understood why I was triggered at night to indulge in off plan things only to be so frustrated with myself after. I would do great all day and then night would come….not every night….but more than I would like to admit. How do people do it? How do they not care about indulging at night? I never understood. 

Now, this is not the answer to all of my night time snacking issues, but I have found self care is a HUGE part of making better decisions at night. I was using my night time indulgences as my form of self care, even though it was really harming me. It felt good. It made me happy, relaxed and feel cared about. I realized that food was my easy way to offer myself something sweet and comforting, even if it was sabotaging my goals. It was a quick, easy fix for helping me feel cared for. 

When I realized this and started implementing more functional forms of self care, I found that I was more satisfied with my on plan desserts and reasonable portions. This is definitely one key for me to overcome my desires for less optimal foods!

So what do I do for self care?
* Spending time reading a book for fun
* Painting my nails in colors I love
* Taking time with a friend, chatting and relaxing
* Going our for a cup of tea 
* Dancing
* Reading my bible
* Exercising
* Going to bed at a reasonable time
* Listening to inspiring music
* Puzzles
* Journaling
* Crafting
* Speak kindly to myself
* Coloring

This is not anywhere near a complete list! Self care can mean anything depending on what it means to YOU!! As moms and wives and women, we are so busy. We are natural caretakers…of others….all too often forgetting ourselves. I wanted to write to you all to remember that part of the healthy  in THM is not just what we put into our bodies, but how we care for these beautiful vessels we were given to live life in. 

I have struggled all my life with food issues, I hope someday I can say I am free of them. In the meantime, I am learning how to handle them better, and I wanted to share some of that journey with you. For those of you who also struggle, I hope my learning experience helps you too. Please, take time to care for yourself. Please be kind to you, even if you “mess up” and choose something less than stellar. Love you anyway, you deserve and you are already so very loved by a Dad who created you. <3


What are some of your ideas for self care? I would love to know! I am always looking for new ways to make sure I get that regular care in for myself. I am a happier, healthier wife, mom and friend for it. 

With joy ~ Tina 🙂