watermelon gelatin dessert

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Hi! I am so happy to be here, I am guest blogging for my dear friend Judy over at Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved. Judy has been such an inspiration, help and encouraging friend as I have learned the ins and outs of being a  Trim Healthy Mama blogger! Thank you, Judy! 

I realize I have taken a bit of a blogging break again, so I am thankful to share a new recipe with you. This last year has been a challenging one for me. Many changes in my home and life. Change, even good change, can be hard and has a way of hijacking my time from accomplishing thing I really enjoy like blogging allergy-friendly recipes to share with my fellow allergy mamas. 


Today I am very excited to share this super simple gelatin dessert recipe, that is incredibly allergy friendly! Not only is it free of egg, nuts, dairy, and wheat, but it is a wonderful way to get in gelatin, such a nourishing food for us! If you are looking for an easy and quick dessert or snack this is a great option! It only contains about 3 or 4 grams of protein per serving, but it is a nice way to add that wonderfully nutritious gelatin to your day! 


This simple to make treat, can be made in the watermelon flavor I have featured above, which is on plan, but does contain sugar. So please, enjoy, but don’t eat the whole batch in one setting! 🙂

I have tried the gummy candies several times in the cookbook, however, the flavor was too intense for me. I will also admit, I did not enjoy the process of pouring of liquid into tiny molds! I made a mess every time and felt I was wasting precious ingredients!

I decided to try it as more of a gelatin type dessert using the True Lime products and my whole family LOVED it! I had to make several batches to get the right consistency, and I think this worked out just right! (Which meant I got to enjoy my imperfect batches, oh the woes of food bloggers!)  This is a fuel pull, you can enjoy it in any fuel setting as a nice light dessert with your meal. It can be enjoyed as a snack as well! It’s a great one to keep on hand for emergency snacks!


Of course, I wanted mine to look fancy, so I poured my mixture into these beautiful little flower molds. I found similar ones for you on Amazon, however, mine was purchased on a recent adventure to Ikea. They will be fun for muffins as well! If you would like to “un-mold” your gelatin desserts as I have done, I did a little research to learn the trick. I won’t make you do the same, I will tell you how I did it right here! 

I simply filled a wide coffee mug about half way with very hot water. I placed the mold into the water making sure the water did not get into the cup. I let it set for about 20-30 seconds. I pulled it out, dried the exterior of the mold and turned it over on my plate. It popped right out! Be careful, don’t let it set too long, or it will remelt your gelatin! This would be a pretty way to serve as a dessert. Honestly though, I enjoy eating it right out of the pretty pink cups!


Let’s get to this super simple recipe! You can whip this up in about 5 minutes…but remember it needs time to firm up in the refrigerator, so it’s not instant! Plan ahead!

With Joy ~ Tina 


Watermelon Gelatin Dessert

Tina Roberts
Delicious and simple gelatin dessert or snack!
Servings 8


  • 2 cups cold water
  • 2 cups hot water
  • 3 Tablespoons beef gelatin
  • 1 2- quart pitcher packet of True Lime Watermelon Agua Fresca


  • In a mixing bowl pour in the cold water, slowly sprinkle the gelatin into the cold water, stirring and combining the whole time. When incorporated add in the hot water, again stirring constantly. Now pour in your 2 quart packet of True Lime flavor of your choice. My favorite is the Watermelon, but I am sure others would be delicious too!
  • Pour into containers of your choice! Refrigerate for several hours and then enjoy this guilt free treat!