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I am so excited! I put this together today for my daughter who has recently jumped on THM with me and she is LOVING it!! She is also dairy free….although she has it on occasion, but feels better without. I told her I would make a few treats, dairy free, to help you keep on plan!

No moo cheesecake bites on page 440 of Trim Healthy Table.

The recipe calls for oolong tea- to make a lovely caramel cheesecake..which truly did come out lovely, I used the stash tea linked below.. Stash Salted Caramel Mate. Truly worth buying, it’s a lovely cup of tea in the evening to keep the sugar cravings away.
When making this cake for my daughter today, I saw it in my tea selection and thought, hey, let’s try caramel!! Oooohhhhh…I am so glad I did….and you will be too!

Hey, isn’t this is a CHOCOLATE caramel cheesecake? Yes!! Yes it is!! I decided to make a super simple crust, also found in Trim Healthy Table….page 406 – the crust for the no-bake peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate crust.

Now, let’s take those two recipes and make them the creation I pictured at the top!!

SO simple!! Cinchy! Easy peasy!!

First, make the crust as called for on plate 406 – I subbed in raw cashews for the peanuts, I didn’t want a peanut flavor and I cannot have peanuts. 🙂
If you cannot have butter, sub in coconut oil. I took this crust and spread it in a 9×9 ceramic pan. Now you are ready for the cheesecake!

The no moo recipe calls for oolong tea bags, in place of what’s called for I used 2 (TWO) of the Salted Caramel Mate tea bags. I am glad I only used 2, the flavor was great.

I also cut the baobab back to 3 Tablespoons instead of the amount called for in the original recipe. I wanted a little cheesecake tang, but not a strong bite.

Mix as directed in the THT – pour on top of crust and refrigerate!

Now, be patient….go for a nice walk (which I totally did after making this)…play a game with the kids. Make dinner…give it time to set up!

With joy – Tina 🙂