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Oh ladies…things have been happening over here in my bloggy quietness….but first…let’s discuss quesadillas.

OK FREEZE!! This is NOT a dairy free recipe, sincerest of apologies from the bottom of my heart…but can I share something encouraging with you? When I started THM i was unable to have dairy. So, if you are there, I KNOW what you are going through. I am so sorry. Soon after I tried out some goat products and I was able to tolerate some…so that was a blessing I was able to enjoy on occasion. Fast forward more time… I healed my gut I started getting brave and trying out more dairy, and I learned cottage cheese, BIG NO NO, harder cheese, GREEN LIGHT!! WAHOO! But that took time…over a year , heading toward 2.

Now, if you are still unable to have cheese, the laughing mama or Hello cheese might be good workable options. I would recommend one of the not technically on plan ones like daiya, which can be used on the rare occasion, but to me, they just aren’t worth the expense. I’d rathe slap guacamole in this puppy and call it delish!

I am not sure this qualifies as a recipe….but here goes….

*Lean deli meat (I used chicken breast, turkey would work too) – ask the deli counter to slice it the thickness of a tortilla, a little thicker than for sandwiches
*Shredded cheese of choice
*Salsa (optional, but it’s not optional, don’t leave it ok??)


Now this is where you NEED to pay attention!! There is a technique to make this delicious!!!

Place a non stick or cast iron skillet on the stove top to medium heat, layer in 4 slices of the deli meat. You want to let this side cook until browned, see my photo? Make it look like that. The reason is, we are removing some of the liquid, sort of drying out the meat. Otherwise the cheese gets too wet and messy and it’s just no bueno.

Once the one side is brown, flip 2 slices. Layer in shredded cheese on the browned sides you just flipped up, now lay the browned sides on top of the cheese from the other 2 slices.

Allow to cook until the bottoms have browned…then FLIP! Once again, allow to brown, until cheese is melted…be prepared for goodness.

When finished places on a cutting board for a minute to allow to cool just slightly. Then cut into triangle, or tear into it, whatever works for you!

With Joy ~
Tina 🙂

Now for my BIG NEWS!!! Are you ready? Have heard?? It’s amazing and I am just so excited!!


What a blessing, I am so thankful to be part of this program. I have been voluntarily helping ladies for many years, I am now able to take this help up to the next level of full on coaching! Watching mamas succeed on THM is an incredible joy for me, so I look forward to jumping into this new phase of my THM business. Blogger, store owner and now COACH!! Call me coach! Lol I told my husband I need a whistle 😛

If you decide you would be interested in exploring coaching costs, please send me an email at I would be happy to answer questions and see if we would be a good match for a coaching relationship!

Smiles! Tina 🙂