Hi ladies! Have you heard of Ruby Ribbon? About a year ago I had the opportunity to try on a Ruby Ribbon cami bra combo – it was seriously the most comfortable thing I have worn in terms of supportive undergarments!

The bra is built into the control cami – but this does not feel at all restrictive or confining! Truly comfortable and offers the support needed for a smooth fabulous look under your garments!

Jami Rentko, my friend and Ruby Ribbon stylist shared this wonderful product with me and I am now sharing this amazing product with you my readers! (I do not receive any kickbacks for your purchases, I just love networking with my friends and highlighting their fabulous talents and products!)

I think pictures speak louder than words in this case – aren’t these makeovers just fabulous?

Another incredible makeover! What a difference this bra/cami makes!! Uplifts and smooths!

Local or not, Jami can help you out! She can do virtual fittings to find the right product for you! Ruby Ribbon offers a complete line of undergarments as well as a fabulous clothing line! You can reach Jami through her Facebook page Braless in Seattle or through her website at http://www.rubyribbon.com/jamirentko

For a virtual fitting click here: https://goo.gl/forms/8Ibi6J8KoZAKKxtz2

The cami is excellent even during weight loss phases, it will still fit well through 25 pounds of loss before needing to go down a size!! We only measure the band size, the cup will always fit! Amazing!!

Tell her I sent you! <3

With joy ~ Tina 🙂