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I really wasn’t sure if I should even blog this!! It’s SOOOO simple!!

However, my daughter is jumping back on plan with me and when she learned we could eat cereal for breakfast she was THRILLED!!

Now you all know we have food sensitivities here, so we can’t eat the usual options that are THM approved – well, move over Uncle Sam – there’s a new GLUTEN FREE cereal on the block and it is THM approved!

Power O’s to the rescue!! We love these!! The plain variety is on plan, the chocolate and strawberry have added sugar so sadly, they don’t work on plan.

But that’s OK!!! This one is super yummy and make a fabulous change to your breakfast routine!

These are definitely an E breakfast. By themself they pack 6 grams of protein! However, I like to increase that protein so I can go 3 hours until my snack time!

So, ready for this incredible “recipe”? Lol – it really shouldn’t even be called a recipe.

Here is how I make this a power packed 18 grams of protein breakfast in a bowl!

1 cup of on plan milk

1 scoop collagen

Stevia to sweeten

Cinnamon/ Fruit optional

Power O’s cereal – 1 serving

Pour milk into cereal bowl, pour collagen in and whisk well. I use a mini frother for this. Add in stevia and mix again. Now, if you’d like cinnamon, add now and stir.

Pour cereal on top, add sliced fruit or freeze dried fruit. Enjoy!


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