Good morning my friends!

How is everyone doing? As I mention in my video linked below, I have started a new job! Are you wondering what I am up to in this new venture? I am truly excited to share!

I have taken a job as a patient services coordinator at a functional medicine doctors office. This job really spoke to my heart. It is very important to me that any work I do involved helping people. It is what brings me joy and fulfillment when I am spending my time away from family and friends. This also is a fabulous fit for me as this particular office specializes in mold toxicity, Lyme and a myriad of other chronic illnesses. What a blessing to be able to work in a place working hard, through a holistic approach, to bring healing and hope to people dealing with such serious illness. I am truly blessed and thankful! I am only working part time, as I also love coaching! So to keep a healthy balance in my life, I work part time for the doctor and part time for myself! I am truly thankful and blessed!

On to the video! This weeks video is featuring the popular ingredient, QUINOA! I found a super yummy southwest quinoa salad recipe, that I tweaked to work on THM! This is a really delicious meatless E recipe, packed with protein or you could easily add a lean protein of your choice as well!

(14) Southwest Quinoa Salad + allergy encouragement! – YouTube



I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have! By the way, I found that half a serving is PLENTY! This is a very filing salad and I often enjoy with with other veggies and some berries!

With love ~ Coach Tina