Privacy Policy

I use affiliate links. I say so in the blog posts, but in case you missed it, I use them. Amazon Services LLC  and Trim Healthy Mama are my affiliate programs. This means if you click on a link that has an affiliate code, and make a purchase through it, I will receive a small commission. This does not change the price of your product in any way, it just helps me earn some money for my efforts for bringing you free content. 

Information collected on this site – I do not keep a record of your emails for the purposes of solicitation through emails being sent. I do have an analytics program attached that does collect and store some data through google, however I have no idea what it means or what they do with it other than compile it so I can qualify to have advertising on my blog through google adsense. When you click on my ads I earn a small commission as well. 

If you are from the EU, your crazy laws have dictated that I warn you that my site could be and is collecting some form of your data whether you are there or anywhere else on the globe. I honestly don’t get it,  I am just writing this lame thing up to be in compliance and truthfully I am too exhausted working 3 jobs and taking care of my sick parents to really do much more than this. 

So basically, your info is collected through programs i have mentioned above so it can count how many people come here and while I apprecate all 7 of you from the EU taking the time to look around, I honestly would be just as happy not having you visit to avoid this ridiculousness. 

other than that, if you decide to sign up for my email notification when new posts show up you are consenting to let the magic of the internet occur and somehow they will store that and send you a little email saying I finally got another post up. OK??

PS – i think i have to say something about leaving comments…but I think you also have to click a little box that someone somewhere may have gleaned some info from you, so you are now fairly warned. This is a whole lot of work for my little tiny blog that I only created to bless others with.