Ladies! I am truly so excited for this upcoming coached group!!

I help ladies everyday as an official THM Admin in the allergy forum, I see your struggles, I know how challenging it can be when we have food limitations. Not just challenging, but sometimes down right frustrating!

We KNOW the plan works…but we cannot have certain foods – how can we enjoy the plan while not indulging in eggs, gluten and dairy?

While it may not look like everyone else, our journey can be truly enjoyable and delicious!

I have a heart for helping ladies that have these challenges, I LOVE watching you succeed! Most of my private coaching clients all come to me with a variety of food sensitivities, allergies, avoidances and I am so happy to say, I have been so blessed to watch them find success in spite of it!

I am offering an EARLY BIRD sign up special! I am knocking $40 off if you sign up by the 24th of August! That’s just $25 a week!! A true bargain for coaching on THM!! So, message me and I will be happy to get you registered for just $100 before the 24th!! I have limited number of spots available, I truly want to be able to be interactive with each of you, and the only way to do that is to limit my number of participants.

Click below to register NOW!

(If this group sells out, I will consider running a second one soon after!)

Allergy ladies – there is hope! Join me and let me share my tips, tricks and ideas to help you enjoy THM egg, dairy and gluten free!!

With joy – Coach Tina <3