Wow, this has been an incredibly exciting season. Trim Healthy Mama launched their coaching program, my husband encouraged me to jump in and purchase the program, which I did and passed with flying colors!

I am just beyond thrilled to offer my coaching services now to you, my faithful readers and friends! <3

I have been a THM admin for nearly 5 years now, on a daily basis I voluntarily help ladies in the THM Allergy forum as well as beginners. I have always had a passion to help others, and once I found THM I knew it was something that I wanted to share!

When I began the plan I had many limitations, eggs, dairy, wheat, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, turkey and I don’t eat pork or shellfish. As amazing as the plan was, it was challenging to do without those foods. I started creating recipes to enjoy some of the sweet treats that didn’t require my off limits foods, and soon I was sharing them with others. I wanted them to find the joy of food again too as they navigated life with food sensitivities.

That’s how my blog was born! I wanted ladies to be able to come to one place and find all my recipes so they too could find enjoyment in food and be on plan!

My passion has truly come from a heart of wanting to share and encourage others on this incredible, life changing plan!

Me today! 🙂

I have battled my weight and food issues my entire teen/adult life. I grew up with a mom who also battled weight and I watched her try it ALL! So many diets, shakes, medical weight loss programs, weight watchers, low carb, counting calories, starving, pineapples, soups, prayer and even weight loss surgery.

Many of them worked, for a season…but the weight would eventually creep back. As an adult I realized I had a mental weight limit…that when I would hit that I would work my way back down. I too have tried quite a bit, weight watchers, counting calories, excess exercise, soups, low carb, shakes etc. I would lose too…then regain. You can read my weight watcher to THM story HERE. For me this is an especially incredible story, I always believed I would battle food, my weight and the mental games until I died in my old age. 🙁 I felt defeated…hopeless when it came to weight and food.

After my last gain from WW, I reluctantly tried THM – it worked…I couldn’t believe it and I LOVED it. I loved the food, I wanted to eat THM food on my birthday, WHAT?? I didn’t care to “splurge” because it was my day…I wanted cheesecake berry crunch and hot cocoa for breakfast! What was more was that I began to have this glimmer of hope in my life. That maybe everyday wouldn’t be a battle anymore. Maybe food wouldn’t be my enemy…maybe weight wouldn’t be on my mind all the time…maybe I could stop this horrible cycle for my own daughter. I reached my goal, was maintaining and had hope!!

About 2 years after being on plan my husband went through an incredibly serious medical crises, shortly after my mom nearly died with a diabetic issue. It was a very hard year. I was in and out of hospitals, taking care of my husband then my mom. Organizing in home medical care, trying to homeschool my daughter and so many more things life was throwing at me. I was living in crises mode for months. I was too overwhelmed to reach out for help, so I was running on empty with almost no support short of a couple of dear friends checking in on me and my supportive husband.

I didn’t grocery shop for 3 months. I didn’t prepare meals, we just ate food. I gained back all the weight. 🙁
You know what though, I didn’t feel defeated this time. I felt hopeful. I knew I now had REAL tools to lose the weight again, and they weren’t temporary tricks to lose weight then go back to the battle field. I have left the battle field. I still have battles, but I have powerful tools to help me each day, I have a support system in my accountability group and good friends. I have tools that I truly feel I can implement for a lifetime! That is something I never thought I would find! Now I am a coach!

I am a coach because I know the pain of weight issues, the deep emotional wounds a woman feels when she feels food holds power over her. I want to support and offer hope to others, we can overcome! We can be free! We can eat chocolate!

I have named the coaching portion of my business Beauty for Ashes – it is part of the same bible verse that my blog Oil of Joy is named for –

Isaiah 61:3 – to comfort all that mourn;

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

He has given me beauty….he has given me oil of joy….he has given me garments of praise…in the midst of ashes, mourning and heaviness. He has been good to me. I want to share this hope with you.


I am thrilled to be able to offer the following services in my coaching business –

*One hour intake sessions with an action plan
*One month packages, includes one hour intake, 3 follow up phone/video calls, weekly emails, meal reviews and suggestions and lots of encouragement!

*Three month package, same as 1 month, but the follow ups last 12 weeks (including intake), offering extended encouragement and support for those who feel they could really use the extra help
*Group sessions, both local and via video chat!
*Meal planning services for regular menu and allergy friendly

*Grocery shopping trips, help in reading labels

*Daily email encouragement

*30 minute Q & A phone/video call for those who just need a little pick me up!

I can also customize to fit your needs!

Message me at or find me on Facebook and send me a message! I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you find hope and freedom!!